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Life is sure to bring about a change, particularly in wavering economic times. Downsizing, career changes, family illness and so many other circumstances often leave individuals indecisive about which way to turn. Many times they are perplexed without knowing how to pick up the pieces and move on in areas that are relevant to professional direction, relationships, financial security, health, spirituality, and every other vital aspect of life.
Who Moved My Nuts is outlined as seven chapters of nuts: (1) Mindset, (2) Goal Setting, (3) Drive and Perseverance, (4) Networking, (5) Change, (6) Stability and (7) Excel. The book is a treasure chest of invaluable quotes and real life experiences that have helped propel the author and countless other established professionals and celebrities to phenomenal levels of accomplishment. The book is also  infiltrated with many quotes of lessons learned from Carter’s grandmother. These features are labeled as “Big Mama’s Book of Wisdom.” Who Moved My Nuts is sure to inspire and amuse, but most importantly it is a tool that sparks action so that all of the reader’s life’s achievement can move from vision to reality.

Who Moved My Nuts? Book
Personal Development
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